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Kurt Kuhn - Morfologia

October - December 2010

Kurt Kuhn

Kurt Kuhn, born in 1948 is grown up in Aachen (outermost west of Germany), visited school and university there.

Since 2005 he lives in Aalen (70km east of Stuttgart) as a photographer by passion. Since then there are exhibitions of his pictures on several places.

He is member of "Heidenheimer Lichtbildner 1931 e.V." and together with them there were a lot of exhibitions e.g.

"Andere Städte" (other towns) 2007 march/april , Pressehaus in Heidenheim (Germany, 30km south of Aalen)

"Wasser" (water) 2007 may, in the gallery of Heidenheimer Lichtbildner.named "Alte Vogtei", Heidenheim

"Städte der Welt" (cities of the world) 2007 may in "Landeskonservatorium" in Feldkirch / Austria

Solo exhibition "lang und breit" (long and wide) 2008 may/june in "Alte Vogtei" in Heidenheim

"baumart IV" (tree art #4) 2008 june/july together with "Heidenheimer Lichtbildner"

"südseh" (not to translate) 2008 together with other photographers from Heidenheim in some shops in Heidenheim

"100 Photographen stellen aus" (100 photographers on exhibition), 2008 movember - International presentation in the town hall of Heidenheim

"Brücken" (bridges) 2009 july/august together with "Heidenheimer Lichtbildner" in the press center of Heidenheim

Solo exhibition "Sand und Meehr" (sand and more) 2009 september/october in Heidenheim's press center

"Tiere im Focus" (focus on animals) 2010 january/february , together with other photographers from Heidenheim in Steinheim, Raiffeisenbank

"BaumArt V" (tree art #5) 2010 may/june together with "Heidenheimer Lichtbildner"

Since 2009 until today Kurt Kuhn is chairman of the "Heidenheimer Lichtbildner"

You may find him on the web by typing

Kurt Kuhn - Morfologia