Photo-Gallery, Wyszyńskiego 14 Street, 70-201 Szczecin


Current exhibition:

Elias Tobares

Vernissage 19.12.2014, 6:00 PM

  fot. Timm Stütz   fot. Tadeusz Czerniawski   fot. Timm Stütz  

Fotart gallery is a small photo gallery, run by Szkoły Artystyczne "Top-Art" in Szczecin.
Established in February, 2005 it is the only gallery in our city solely devoted to photography.
Its aim is to present interesting phenomena in photography.

It is a 75m2 gallery situated in the city centre. It is possible to exhibit up to forty 50x70 cm photos in Fotart.

Fotart is a non-profit gallery, however, it is possible to sell exhibited works.
All exhibitions are insured against theft and any type of damage.

Fotart provides every artist exhibiting their works with a portfolio of 16 postcards depicting chosen photos,
together with a poster advertising their exhibition.

Fotart exhibitions are changed bi-monthly.

Fotart is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 6 pm. Free entry.

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