Photo-Gallery, Monte Cassino 5 Street, 70-415 Szczecin

Filip Wiśniewski
"Diaprojekty" 14.12.2006 - 15.02.2007

"I'm not interested in creating images of the things I have seen, but of the things I wish I could see." Filip Wiśniewski



Filip Wiśniewski

Born in 1974 in Gołdap, Poland. Educated as architect. Mainly deals with staging photograph, artistic and useful graphic, drawings and painting.

Co-creator of artistic group E44 (Wiśniewski /Haładyj). He has got on his account numerous author’s projects, extensive publication in all Polish stores.

Author of numerous individual expositions. Since 2003 connected with photograph agency New York Photographers in New York.
Since February 2005 acting President of Photogaph Corporation in Białystok, Poland.


Body of work (oeuvre):
Stein - script of authoring movie
Sentymentalne Kino Nastroju - series of texts
Zapiekle - series of feuilleton
Klepsydry - exposition of relieves
Układ Scalony - diaproject I
The FirstAid - exposition of drawings
voXHumana - diaproject II
Testosterone - diaprojekt III
Rhapsody - exposition of photograph connected with Arvo Pärt concert
Elegy – diaproject IV
Pejzaż – series of photographs

His thoughts about photography:

"From the formal point of view photography is perceived as painting / snapshot, which can be easily defined as work of painting. This issue is as old as invention of photography. In the initial period of development, lasted discussions whether or not photography become substitute of painting. The history of development of both branches of art clearly shows that those fears were unjustifiable, because the borders stayed indelible. Only because of the technique photograph become separate area of plasticity. Photograph is just a picture consisted of matter and light. But the technique is not enough to create the photograph, it should support the photographer, should be comply with him. The equipment is important, but the final effect is the most important. Then the technique fades away, its part is running out. It materialize finished effect, however application of photographic techniques only for registration of parts of reality exclude element of creation, which is necessary in art. I want this picture become my picture, I want it to fulfill my expectations for its form and included content. I can’t imagine creating such pictures on computer, because every effect you want to obtain should be properly program from the very beginning, many parameters should be set and so on. I am not equal to programming tensions which rule photoghaphic plan, so spontaneous is key matter for me in creative process. It is priority.

Music is very important inspiration for me, it stimulate internal irresistible need of creating. In work over this project this need was strongly present. The pictures can easily exist autonomous / independent, without music. But this co-existence is a challenge. Boarder of picture stay unfamiliar, physical boarders of course exist , but sense / point is exceeding far away beyond its frames, it aims to infinity."
Filip Wiśniewski



Filip Wiśniewski "Diaprojekty"

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