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Satyam Dave - "Age of Expressions"
Cad Camouonem - "The Touch"

2.06 - 31.08.2012


Satyam Dave

Born 24/08/1983 in (Navsari) Gujarat, India.

I have started my career as a fashion designer in 2003, simultaneously I was working for a leading newspaper cartoonist for more than 8 years and also won best cartoon award from Saurashtra University. I hold diploma in Animation and Film Design from reputed institute. I was working as a photographer for a magazine and currently doing freelancing photography.

Cad Camouonem

CadcamouoneM, was born in Bandungcentral town of west-Java Indonesiain 1980. He is such an ordinary man quite a loner and deep thinker about why this soul should be prisoning in body. In his childhood, he was familar with make-up and photography as his parents was a photographer and make-up artist. And his very first time falling in love in photography was about in 2003.

Nowadays (2006 – now) he is doing his own business as a make-up artist, photographer and photo touch-up. He loves to show his mood and his thought in his private photowork. But todays he is trying to share his idealism work to the world. As his first international exhibition he shows his best 40 idealism pictures in, made a cover of booked poems title: Prijestolonasljednikovicka author : Safer Grbic (Bosnia), A CD cover of a solo singer David Vernon (NewYork) and as his hobby he made some touched-up pictures of his international friends via .

Until todays, he already made some art photos , his own photos and others about a thousand even more. He more interested in faces and bodies pictures, mostly hands and eyes. He believes eyes talk more than thousand words.

Satyam Dave - "Age of Expressions"
Cad Camouonem - "The Touch"