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Ragne Kristine Sigmond - "FACES" (2003 - 2010)

24.03 - 31.05.2010

Ragne Kristine Sigmond

My name is Ragne Kristine Sigmond (born 1977). I am Norwegian, but currently I work in Denmark, teaching photography at Media College Denmark. I had my education in photography from 1998 to 2003 at the very same school.

A significant portion of my education was practical, and as an apprentice I worked simultaneously with digital and analog photography at Dannevig Foto in Norway. I gained practical and theoretical competence on different techniques and disciplines, and had specialized in fine arts photography when graduating in 2003.

Here is an overview of my career:

  • 1998-2003: Studying photography in Denmark parallell with working as a photographer (in apprenticeship) in Norway.
  • June 2003: Graduated as a Photographer at Media College Denmark (Medieskolerne, Viborg)
  • 2003-2004: Worked one year as a portrait and commercial photographer at Dannevig Foto, Arendal; Norway
  • 2004-2006: Worked 2 years as a portrait photographer at Nordstrandsfotografene in Oslo; Norway.
  • 2006-2010 - ? : Teacher in Photography at Media College Denmark. I currently work here.
  • 1998-2010: During all these years I have, parallell to my profession, worked on my personal work in my spare time. This has been with an increasing focus on on series for exhibitions.

Experience: My personal work

Besides my position at The Media College, teaching the future photographers for almost 4 years now, I have been invited to give lectures at several photographers' seminars and conferences.

  • International Professional Photographers´┐Ż convention "Orvieto Fotogra?a" in Italy, March 2006
  • "Gmundner Fototage" congress in Austria, March 2007
  • Australian Accredited Portrait Photographers (AAPP) national convention, July 2007.
  • PYO's annual convention in Hjo, Sweden , Oct. 2007.
  • The LNC conference in Oslo, March 2009 (Lennart Nilsson Nordic conference for photographers)
  • The International Photofestival in Risor, Norway, (Including teaching a 2 day long workshop at the same festival. ) August 2009

I have also judged the annual portrait competition held by the Australian Association of Portrait Photographers as well as competitions held by the Norwegian, the Swedish and the Danish Association of Portrait Photographers.


I have earned several awards in recognition for my work.

  • 2004 One gold and two bronzes at the annual national competition held by the Norwegian Association of Portrait Photographers (NFF).
  • 2005 "Picture of the year" award in cathegory: Open class (NFF)
  • 2006 One silver in (NFF)
  • In 2006 she was honored with gold for her picture "linjer og lys" (lines and light) in the annual Colour Art Photo Contest held by Preus.
  • 2008 One gold, one silver and a bronze medal. (NFF) The Gold medal picture gained the title "Portrait of the year" in the same competition.
  • I have also received the title "Honorable mentions" in international competitions: -2nd annual Photographers cup: International color awards -Spider Awards in 2010: International award honoring Black & white photography


  • Norway 2002: A selection of work exhibited at Det Lindvedske hus, Arendal
  • Norway 2005: The series "In the Elements" exhibited at Martha Mettlig, Oslo
  • Belgium 2006: A selection of work exhibited at the Salve Mater Photo festival, Lovenjuel
  • Denmark 2007: "In the Elements" at Kulturforeningen, Arhus / University of Aarhus
  • Denmark 2009: "REAL? " International exhibition: Fine art photographies exhibited in The Danish Museum of Photography 24th of Febr - 19th of April, Herning. Invited artists: Pete Turner (US), Taffi Rosen (CA), Ragne Sigmond (NO) , Ren´┐Ż Roalf (DK) & Michael Brosch (DK)
  • Denmark 2009: "REAL? International Exhibition of Fine Art Photographies in Viborg: Sonder Molle kunst - & naturcenter 3rd - 31st of May
  • Norway 2009: "AIR" Exhibition in Galleri Villvin: I was one of the main exhibitors at The International Photofestival in Risor 2009. Gallery Villvin extended the exhibition with additionaly 3 weeks on top of the festival days. 12th of August - 5th of September.
  • Poland 2010: "Faces 2003-2010" Invited to exhibit at the International Art festival "Inspiracje". Szczecin 18th-21st of March.
  • Poland 2010: "Faces 2003-2010" Exhibited at the gallery FOTART, Szczecin 23rd of March- May
Ragne Kristine Sigmond - "FACES" (2003 - 2010)