Photo-Gallery, Monte Cassino 5 Street, 70-415 Szczecin

Timm Stütz
"Old and New Photos" 2.2.2005 - 20.3.2005

Timm Stütz describes his photographic art as one stemming from Henry Cartier-Bresson's French
school of photography based on the idea of the "decisive moment".

fot. Janusz Kopischke

Timm Stütz was born in 1938 in Dresden, Germany.
He has lived in Poland since the 1980's.
He is an engineer and economist by education.
Since 1986 he has worked as a freelance photographer, publicist and translator.
Since 1983 he has been a member of the Szczecin Photographic Society.
In the 1980's together with Andrzej Grabowiecki and the late Jerzy Kosycarz,
Mr Stütz organized Polish-German cooperation in the area of photography
(ifo-scanbaltic, Onshore Wind, Group of 10, Fantasy Photography).

He received, inter alia, the following awards:
Grand Prix, ifo-scanbaltic Rostock, 1984
Gold medal at Campanone d'Oro (FIAP), Bergamo, 1988
Gold medal at Foto-Expo (FIAP), Poznań, 1989

He was conferred a title of 'Artiste' (1993)
and 'Excellence' (2001) by FIAP (en. International Federation of Photographic Arts)
He is an honorary member of the Polish Nature Photographers Association (1999)
and the Szczecin Photographic Society (2003) 

Individual Exhibitions

Individual exhibitions (1984-2005): STF, BWA i ZPFP Szczecin, Ständehaus, Kunsthalle i Kunstverein Rostock, Fotohuset Göteborg, BWA Boleslawiec, Museum Enkheuzen, Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven, Zentrum Kunst und Geschichte Riesa, Technische Universität Dresden, MV-Foto-Galerie Schwerin, ZPAF Katowice

FIAP exhibitions

FIAP exhibitions: 1988 - Golden cat, Belgia, 75. Southampton, Anglia, 14. Algarve, Portugal, 33. Salon Jau, Brasilia, 6. Campanone d'Oro, Italia (Goldmedal), 17. Trophäe Guipuzcoa, Hiszpania; 1988 - 3. Steirischer Panther, Austria, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France, Orleanais, France, River, Canada,. New Zealand, Neuseeland, Foto-Expo-Poznan, Poland, 34. Salao Jauense de Arte, Brasil, Teaneck, USA; 1990 - 4. Salon Sibiu, Rumunia, 128. Edinburgh Exhibition, 16. Algarve, Portugal Kinderpsyche /SW; 1991 - 4. Wiatr od morza, Poland; 1996 - Dia-Pol'96, Poland; 1997 - 6.Austrian Super Circuit, 104. Toronto Salon, Canada; 1998 - 7. Austrian Super Circuit.


He published many seafaring books and photo albums.
He published an album titled 'Photographic Food for Thought' 2002,
'fast ein Jeder...' (with aphorisms), 2000 and 'Euroland.... in black and white' 2000
and a photographic primer titled 'Fotografieren wie unser Onkel Foto-Fibel 4 kids' (2005)
for a Polish-German youth group 'Quo vadis'.

Chronological list

Braune Segel im Wind, 1988, transpress Berlin
Bootsurlaub an der Ostseeküste, Co-Autor, 1991, transpress/Pietsch-Verlag Stuttgart
Landgang in Dänemark, 1994, DSV-Verlag Hamburg/BUSSE SEEWALD Herford
Eine Woche Bornholm mit der Yacht, Co-Autor, 1994, DSV/BUSSE SEEWALD
Rund Fünen mit der Yacht, Co-Autor, 1994, DSV/BUSSE SEEWALD
Landgang Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Co-Autor, 1995, DSV/BUSSE SEEWALD
Erlebniswelt Zeesenboote,1997, BUSSE SEEWALD/DSV
Kalmarsund, Öland, Gotland mit der Yacht, Co-Autor, 1997, DSV/BUSSE SEEWALD
Der Öresund mit der Yacht, Co-Autor, 1998, DSV/BUSSE SEEWALD
Euroland ... SchwarzWeiß, 2000, deARTsign Glinna
fast ein Jeder ..., 2000, deARTsign Glinna
Aus meinem Polnischen Tagebuch, 2004, Ingo Koch Verlag Rostock
Fotografieren wie unser Onkel, 2005, das/EngelsdorferVerlag Leipzig
moralia minima - paradoxa, 2005, das/EngelsdorferVerlag
Mit dem Rad zum König, 2006, EngelsdorferVerlag

Timm Stütz "Old and New Photos"

Exhibition"Old and New Photos"- Photos 1 2 3 - Posters - Bio - Photoreport

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