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Babel sin Fronteras 2011 - "The Builders of Peace"

26.01.2012 - 26.03.2012

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For four consecutive years, musicians from different countries have gathered to develop a project Babel sin Fronteras. From this year on the Project Babel sin Fronteras will be expanded by the presentation of art works (photography and graphic design including computer graphic design).

The Project itself is a mayor reference representative among the Creative Commons culture. Our goal is to reach the largest possible number of people and open their consciousness through music and art; a worldwide consciousness that allows us a better understanding as human beings, that helps us reflect and understand the place we live in. War, corruption, injustice, violence, murder, impunity, abuse of power, slavery, exploitation, and an endless number of atrocities are the daily bread for many of us and all of them are run through the power of money. But it is us, artists, who have one of the most powerful weapons on Earth: the ART. As inhabitants of this planet, we all have been affected by the afore-mentioned abnormalities; we have all waken up to the bad news of a murdered friend or of our neighbour beaten up by the police and therefore we cannot allow things such as injustice, war, corruption, etc., continue to exist. Otherwise the story will always have the same sad ending. And the only thing left for us will be to wait till we ourselves are the next victim.

The artists feel the strong need for dialogue, which however sometimes is not reflected in their art. If you, as an artist have voice but are reluctant to raise it, stay in your place, but if you as an artist have something to say and there is an opportunity to be heard, please raise your voice to say ENOUGH!!


Babel sin Fronteras 2011 - "The Builders of Peace"